Monday, March 3, 2008

NEW BLOG......

I've moved.

See you there
Shar x

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daily Report - Saturday

Day 6 / 138 (Saturday)

Saturday ‘Stats Day' - Loss - 4.2kg
Skinfolds - Down by 19mm

40 minute walk

Planned Free Lunch and Dinner
3 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
7 ½ hours sleep last night

As you can see from the nutrition above, from 20 weeks out down to 16 weeks out, I have planned a day that I allow myself Lunch and dinner of choice, I then have a change planned for 16 down to 12 etc.
Last Prep I didn’t have this as Sam, very rightly so, didn’t allow it as previous to prep starting was binging when given the opportunity to have a free meal.
Having taken a few things into account – Longer prep this time, 20 as a posed to 16, that I don’t want to come in so lean, training to max intensity all the time and the fact that due to work with Liz, plus my mind coaching session last week (yes, even after one session!!), I feel mentally able to control this.
‘normally’ I would have binged the whole day from the point I came ‘off plan’ at lunchtime, which would have lead me to tomorrow as well.
But I have stuck to my planned two meals (which were still good choices) and I will be back to it tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Shar x

Friday, February 29, 2008

Daily Report

Day 5 / 138
Bodyattack- AGAIN!!

100% Clean and to plan
4 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
7 ½ hours sleep last night – Felt a little better for the extra hour

Promise Yourself Only the Best . . . .

Promise yourself to dream more and to hesitate less.
To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.
To appreciate your family and friends for all the wonderful ways they make your life better.
Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.
To become more willing to change.
To fill your life with special times, and make your dreams come true.
- deanna Beisser

Shar x

Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 in a row.............

Going well, BLOGGED 4 days in a row, the little daily report thing is working as I suspected.

I actually sat and looked at my diary today and due to Launches, covers etc I have 11 days straight of Bodyattack. This is crazy, those who have done Bodyattack will know the intensity of it, add to that trying to achieve perfect technique and talking to your class, the intensity on the body is very high - I may try and cover a few!!

Day 4/ 138
Weights – Back & Biceps

100% Clean and to plan
4.5 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
6 ½ hours sleep last night – NOT ENOUGH AGAIN!!!
Sat and had Lunch with Hubby
45 minute nana nap (how cool is napping in the day!!)

Stay well everyone,
Shar x

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Done alot of thinking over the past few days, especially after my family went home and I had my mind coaching session.
I actually can't wait for my next session. I have a week between appointments so as to let anything that surfaces settle and just sit for a while, also because if we do start to work with hypnosis then I need that time also between sessions.
Numerous things came up, one of which related to time spent working in ratio to time spent with my children and husband and my role as a mother.
Lisa posted today about her daughter and how she had a moment that she needed her mum and Lisa prioritized - quote 'The truth is there is nothing more important right now than my daughter. So I wonder how many times in the past I chose to live my busy life, over the most important things in my life? I can't change the past, but I can change the direction of the future.'
This struck a cord.
Along with the following coming home in my daughters bag from Kindy today in newsletter form.

'If I raised my child again'

If I had my child to raise all over again,

I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.

I would do less correcting and more connecting.

I'd take my eyes off my watch and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.

I'd take more hikes and fly more kites

I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play

I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I'd do more hugging and less tugging.

I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.

I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I'd teach less about the love of power,
And more about the power of love.

Diane Loomans
100 ways to build self-esteem in children and adults

Sleep well
Shar x

Daily report
Day 3 / 138
Bodyattack (2 Bodyattacks is bloody hard in one day)

100% Clean and to plan
4 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
6 ½ hours sleep last night – I have to get this sorted once all my learning etc is done.
1 hour on the sofa, having lunch and chatting with my hubby. BLISS.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yep thats all I have been doing for 3 days, learning new Bodyattack Choreography!!!!!! (and Bodybalance)

Launch tomorrow morning in a team teach situation, followed by Bodybalance launch on my own and the Bodyattack on my own in the evening.

I stress so much at launch time, I HAVE to get the choreography spot on, if I mess up (not very often) I slaughter myself.


Day 2 / 138
30 min treadmill run
Weights - Shoulders & Chest

100% Clean and to plan
4 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
6 ½ hours sleep last night – NOT ENOUGH!!!
Sat and watched 1 hour of telly
Had my first mind coaching session – very interesting, more to come after my next session.

Time for sleep, gotta get up early to do some final chorie polishing.
Shar x

Monday, February 25, 2008

All Females Prep - Follow my journey - 20 Weeks

I'm back and I've said it before but I hope to blog daily, will try and make it part of my wind down routine each evening.

I have been absent from blogging (definately not exercise!! The exercise bender did occur!) due to family visit, holidays and work etc.
I am now back to it and will be giving 100% to achieving more than I did last year for the All Females comp, hoping to use this blog as a recording device and the network here as a much needed support.

Before I launch headfirst into my prep I must first acknowledge Liz Nelson with a Big Thanks for the time, knowledge and support during the 8 or so weeks she worked with me through Dec and Jan, I learnt alot. Thanks Liz.

I am also looking forward to working with a professional, working in a mind coaching capacity (maybe using clinical hypnosis) to free some embedded/outdated beliefs that I hold with me relating to both my personal feelings and also freeing underlying issues I may have.
Will keep you posted, I start tomorrow.


Day 1 / 138
30 min treadmill run

100% Clean and to plan
4 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
7 hours sleep last night
Sat and watched ½ hour of telly

See you soon
Shar x

Monday, February 18, 2008


Who's in???

Who's competing?
Anyone spectating?
When you arriving?
Any suggestions on Accomodation now the venue has changed?

Tell me all your info. :)

Shar x

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For Combat Girl xx

Having a fab time, loving having my bestest things around me and enjoying just doing 'stuff'.

Been south of Perth to Dunsborough, morning runs, beach and pool was the order of the 4 days away.

Exercise bender in the true style of the word tomorrow when me and my booootiful sis attend our Quarterly Workshop.

Been visiting blogs very quickly, no time to comment til next week, time is precious :)

Shar x

Monday, February 4, 2008

Guess What !!!

THEY ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Back

Hi All

Thanks for all the comments checking up on me. Yes I have been absent and have had alot happening, I don't feel the need to blog about it nor do I want to.
I have still been checking in on everyone.

I just want to get back to using this as the fantastic support network I know it can be.
I really want to get back to blogging daily (or every couple of days!) just detailing my training and eating etc, when I have done this in the past I have felt really positive from it.

7 sleeps until my family arrive!!!!! I just cannot wait to hold them all and just look at them here with us.
Iwas e mailing Liz earlier and I told her that whenever my SIS and I get together (and my Mum for that matter!) our time is just spent on what we call a constant 'EXERCISE BENDER' (not sure if you Aussies use the word bender?).

I am taking my Group Fitness Manager position off but still teaching all me classes.

My sis is the bestest Bodycombat Instructor so exactly the same as me in that we love to exercise, teach, go to classes etc.
We are lucky enough to be able to go to the LES MILLS, PERTH Quarterly Workshop on the 17th Feb!!!
SIS is booked in for every session (except Bodyjam)thats 6 in total, i'm just gonna do 4 !!!! even coming out of retirement to do Bodycomabt alongside her.

My mum and dad will no doubt be running most days, mum loved to run to the coastal path when she was here in September, the difference this time is she will get to keep on running straight in to the ocean as the weather is so hot now!

Bryce goes back to school on Monday and Maddi starts school!!! She is so excited to be going to school with her BIG BRO!! I will have him in Year 7, his last year and her in Kindy, opposite ends of the school.

Anyway, enough from me, good to be back blogging.
Progress reports coming as often as poss.

Shar x

Monday, January 7, 2008

Update time

OK just a quick one because Craig Harpers post on Sleep has made me so conscious on getting the right amount of sleep for me, will be playing around with different amounts ever so often to try and find if I'm a 6 hour person or a 8 hour etc.
When I eat shit food I definitely feel sluggish and seem to need more sleep,
when eating well I need less, I know this from my comp prep.
I was getting through the day with less sleep, probably a regular 6 hours
per night, sometimes less!!

Anyway, back to update!! :)
6 Days done and dusted of good clean eating. 5 - 6 meals per day, 3 + litres of water, daily cardio, have gotten back to regular weights and loving it..
The last 6 days has seen me do:
5 Bodyattacks (so hard in the heat!!)
3 Bodybalances
1 Interval Run
3 Weights sessions

I have been on the scales, which have dropped, (I normally get on everyday) (yes I know, I know, no lectures please) but not as much as usual I have only been on twice in the last 6 days! the water has no doubt been the big drop I can see but you know what, the sooner that's gone the sooner we can start to get to the flubber!

I actually feel in control a enough now to really try hard not to get on the scales. So I am going to try for 28 days / 4 weeks getting on the scales.

Yes I should take it a little at a time, perhaps do 2 weeks etc,but I know that I can stick with this for 28 days straight and beyond and the results after a longer period of time will be way better than seeing a little at a time.

Also I have to make this about how I feel, how I see my self in the mirror, how my clothes feel and LESS about the scale number.
I already feel 100 x better than I did 6 days ago, both physically and mentally.

I have e mailed Sam and we should be getting together again soon!!
For a catch up, a belly feel and also we will be working on routines for me together.
I'm so excited and I love putting the routine together last comp. Also doing a bit of learning. I have been doing alot of research, reading etc on prep and would love to help out a friend who has asked me too. I also hope one day I will be able to prep myself, but I think this is a long way off, I have to be told what is happening and when, I can't let me have a free reign on myself I just don't listen! LOL!!

Anyway, Craig Harper is in my ear, the clock is ticking, I am feeling tired,
perhaps I'm a 10 hour person!

Shar x

28 days til the arrivals!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


This is where lives are made,

in these moments,

when you choose whether or

not to say I can or I can't.

Jillian Micheals

Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh My......

Look at my ticker!!!
30 days until my family get here for their holiday!!

Will update on progress (yes there has been progress!) tomorrow, all good here though.

And just for my new positive slant, learning to love myself and for CG - as when I saw the pic you saw I wasn't as disgusted as I thought I would be.
Here's a pic from my prof shoot 2 weeks out from comp.........
I actually do look at this one and I 'LIKE' myself, CG - I will get there :)

Shar x
Learning to love

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Shar's 2007 & 2008 Goals

Well 2007 was a big journey........

JAN 07
us return
from a great
4 week trip
the UK.
time with my
very special
(BG, Mum,
Maddi & Me)

(Me and my niece)

Saw me do my classic yo-yo dieting. My weight actually maintained
even if on the higher side of where I wanted to be.
I was moved to a different Fitness First after the acciqusition was closed.
BG turned 11 years old.

Saw me make the huge decision to start comp prep for the ALL FEMALES in July.
SAMO became 'SARGE' and told me to trust her and she would get me there.
Pretty much end of MARCH - JULY became all about training eating and sleeping!
and of course transforming my body.
FROM THIS..........






TO THIS ......................

THANKS SAM!!!! Your a star. xx

What an incredible emotional and mental journey I had in the 2nd half of the year after my first comp.
I have continued to find myself fighting and struggling to get back to a regular clean eating plan for more than a 3 weeks at a time, interspersed with binging and mental games.
Exercise has been consistent so things could be alot worse if I hadn't been exercising!

September saw my Mum and Nan visit from the UK, this was just a fantastic few weeks and we had a great time.

October saw me gain a chest back!! What a easy, comfortable, successful process this was.

Maddi turned 4 in November.

December saw me achieve one of my main goals within my career here in OZ and that was to open a new club as GFM. I have been lucky enough to choose my team of instructors, each of them I feel honored to have on my timetable and Subiaco Platinum is going to rock as Group Fitness develops.

2007 Wrap Up.....
I found great strength in doing my comp prep, mental and physical. But unfortunately I end the year at possibly my lowest point on my weight loss/body image journey (even at my heaviest).
This absolutely has to end.
My kids have continued to grow into confident, intelligent and successful little people.
My Career has taken a turn that will now see me settled in 'my own' club for the considerable future and I just love what I do.
My husband continues to be very successful as a Personal Trainer. He is also the most caring, considerate and loving person I know. I am very lucky to have him as my husband and my best friend. Paul - I love you dearly. xx

Shar x

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2008 - Time For Change

Now or Never / Sink or Swim / Rise or Fall / Take Part or Watch / Go or Stay / Yes or No / I can or I can't / I will or I won't / In or Out / Positive or Negative

I'm done with crying, I'm done with fighting daily, I'm done with wasting my energy, I'm done with making excuses, I'm done with self-damaging thought processes, I'm done with heading down a path I've seen before 10,000 times, I'm done with worrying about what other people think, I'm done with feeling guilty


2008 WILL be a good year.


To become a strong and positive woman by working on my thought processes and behaviours.

Take on board the opinions and advice of those I value and love only.

Spend quality time with my husband and children.

Continue to achieve at work.

Train and eat consistently to help me find a place physically I like to be at.

Compete in Figure again, having made improvements on last time I stepped on Stage.

Consistently blog, using the fantastic support network that I have found you all to be.

Wishing all you fab women a healthy, happy and safe year ahead. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

Here's to 2008 - Shar x