Tuesday, May 29, 2007

7 week out

Once again, I'm a little behind when I post , always plan on updating on a Saturday but never seem to get to it!
So 6 weeks 4 days out as of today.

Going well, posing has changed slightly again to suit my changes in body, I still have hip flexors that can come out to play on demand!!

Spent some of my session with Sam on Saturday, laughing so thats all good for the abs!! We were laughing about how hard it is to shave your armpits when you are lean!! its like a big hollow and you have to do some weird things to not cut yourself! I said if I talk into mine I get an echo......echo.......echo......:)

Weight has stabilized with a little increase this week of 0.6. this is good though. My bodyfat is still dropping and coming off my legs slowly but surely.

Starting to find cardio a bit of a chore!! but teaching as much BA as I do helps.

Weights are good just have to stay focussed whilst in gym otherwise I drift off and stop giving everything!!

Here is an updated picture..........

this was taken

on Saturday -

so 7 weeks out

This one was taken at 8 weeks out..........

Anyways, hope your all well, been visiting blogs just not commenting!! :(

Must go to bed now as the whole house has had a bad cold and I haven't but have got a sore throat approaching!! Fingers crossed a good nights slepp will help.

Shar x

Monday, May 21, 2007


Well - Virgo inside says '7 Weeks 5 days actually Shar!'

But who's counting! :)

Anyway update time. The last week has been a little testing to say the least.

Work, Kids, house probs, Les Mills Launch time, tiredness, training etc etc, but you know what. WHO CARES? anyone out there care? no, not really, do I want anyone to care? no not really.

I made the choice to compete, I made the choice to turn around a dream and make it reality, so what the hell am I doing harping on that, I'm tired, that I'm busy, that there's other shit to deal with.

Just shut up, stay positive and focussed and get on with it.

With help and guidence from Super Sam, my mumma, my husband, my dad (helping with kids), a few supportive work friends, I AM DOING THIS! and i'll be damned if anything or anyone is going to stop me.

I also have even more incentive now too!! I haven't really e mailed much info home to my mum or sis in the UK, like updates etc as I have wanted to have some progress to show.
So I did last week e mail some before and after pics and an update, I also e mailed my mum the link to this blog.

She has since comeback, as any mum would might I add :) with some great comments and total and unconditional love and positivity that it made me cry.
You see, in her day!! ;) my mumma trained and would have loved to make it to the stage, but for various reasons didn't, but she appreciates what it takes to be on this journey.

So Mumma, if your reading this post, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DREADFULLY, Your path through life hasn't been easy but you are so strong, I have learnt alot from you, sometimes I took the long way round but always ended up in the direction you pointed me in the first place.
THANK YOU for your positive energy and with your strength behind me I can do this! x

So moving forward this week, Sam seems pleased with how I am at this stage out. I have a long prep! 16 weeks and I'm half way!! 8 down, 8 to go.

I still have my hip flexors when I grimice enough! and she even made me wear bikini bottoms not shorts last week so we could see them more!!
Skinfolds have held as is on top half, still dropping a little on bottom half and measurements are dropping still downstairs YAY!!
Weight has slowed a little but thats cool.
I have been down through my clothes and made it to my Small clothes section of the wardrobe about 3 weeks ago, last week I was wearing baggy small clothes!! and now I have new Small, small, clothes!
Infact if I want to go lower in black pants I will have to start looking in other shops than the regulars as I have no idea where to get small, small clothes from.

Anyways, thats about it from me tonight, sleep is needed! cardio first thing tomorrow, then Bodyattack and Bodybalance classes in morning, then another Bodyattack tomorrow night! but hey, I'M NOT MOANING!! :) :)

Speak soon, I am doing the reading rounds of blogs just limited time to comment will make sure I get some in this week!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


8 weeks 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the ????

Sunday, May 13, 2007


10 Weeks Out and 9 Weeks Out

Ok, ok, I'm sorry to my 'daily diary'!! or not so daily!!

Firstly - THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS!! its so great to hear from you all.

So overview for Week from 11 Weeks Out to 10 Weeks Out :
4 Weights sessions

7 Cardio Sessions - geting a bit over it if I don't just get on and do it asap!!
6 Bodyattack Classes taught
4 Bodybalance Classes taught

So overview for Week from 10 Weeks Out to 9 Weeks Out :
4 Weights sessions
- Finding that my strength is dropping a little. Had a bit of an issue when training legs this week!! I got so tired and stated crying in the gym!!!!!
6 Cardio Sessions - Found these fine this week
7 Bodyattack Classes taught - Energy dropping by the end of my week
4 Bodybalance Classes taught

So now I have filled you in on my activity for the last 2 weeks here's my stats again:

Stats so far
Bodyfat down approx 12.5% (callipers used for monitoring of BF)
10.8 kg in scale weight
Total of 50cm off accross all measurement sites ( Arms, Waist, Hips, Thighs and calfs)

So how am I feeling?

Still really organised with all food prep, planning sessions accross the week etc.

This week I have continued to feel strong BUT riday I had a very emotional and tiring day and I just fely zapped.
Previously I would have thought I NEED food to perk me up but I haven't even considered food as a crutch, I was wanting to just rest, sit down and not do anything as a posed to eating. I see this as a very positive step for me on my journey.

Posing practice was good with Sam on Saturday and she has changed a couple of poses to suit me now my legs are changing shape, yep you heard right!! my legs are finally coming down!! AND I HAVE HIP FLEXORS THAT I CAN FLEX!!! even though Sam had to remind me to not pull a face whilst doing so!!

MY ROUTINE is coming along nicely and I'm so pleased with our final choice of song.

So not a bad week but not the best the way I finished zapped.

Have pulled my positive focus back and am back on track emotionally, feeling very strong, dedicated and proud of myself today.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Lots of cardio to do, a weights session, new Les Millls chorie to learn, sunbed to have, kids to sort, work, hubby out all day and evening, but hey, whats life without a challenge??


Shar x
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Believe in yourself
and all that you are.
Know that there is
something inside you
that is greater than
any obstacle.
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