Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yep thats all I have been doing for 3 days, learning new Bodyattack Choreography!!!!!! (and Bodybalance)

Launch tomorrow morning in a team teach situation, followed by Bodybalance launch on my own and the Bodyattack on my own in the evening.

I stress so much at launch time, I HAVE to get the choreography spot on, if I mess up (not very often) I slaughter myself.


Day 2 / 138
30 min treadmill run
Weights - Shoulders & Chest

100% Clean and to plan
4 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
6 ½ hours sleep last night – NOT ENOUGH!!!
Sat and watched 1 hour of telly
Had my first mind coaching session – very interesting, more to come after my next session.

Time for sleep, gotta get up early to do some final chorie polishing.
Shar x

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Welshie said...

Hey Shar,

I will be following your journey...good luck! I have decided to do the all female too so will keep in touch : )