Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Chrissie!!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.
Shar x
PS - Check in went well - 2.5kg off!! Totals on right hand side

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little wins all add up.... a big win in the end.
So following on from my update....
I got very sick with a bad cold, I haven't had a cold in ages and forgot how grotty they can make you feel.
So training wise I had to cover my classes and couldn't train as I had planned for Thursday - Sunday. Which with my 'normal' all or nothing approach isn't good.

having acknowledged that I may tend towards falling off the wagon with food due to not being able to exercise, I really had to put my head down and focus and I am pleased to say I have emerged a winner!!

I have eaten to plan and not strayed, I had to try hard today when my inner demon ' bob the binger' wanted me to start eating for Christmas already!

But I have told him straight, am I not eating shit or binging from today and although I will be allowing a bit of what I fancy on Chrissie day, in moderate amounts, he will not be talking me into extending Christmas past CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

I am so proud of myself for the success of this week and am hoping for another loss tomorrow, I am not prepared to just throw it all away and waste my time and energy put in this week.

So I'll do a quick check in tomorrow to update my stats.

On to other stuff, that being that I am still in love with my new club!! Here's something for Liz, Di and anyone else who loves RPM............Imagine cycling in this!!
(really doesn't
show it off, its
bigger than it
looks and bikes
are beautifully
spaced but
believe me its
awesome when
your standing
in it)

So I hope you are all well, ready for the festive period to hit, if it hasn't
started already for you.
Speak soon
Shar x

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Check In........

All is going well, seem to have found my stride again with training after
my disruption with the new club opening last week.

Food has been spot on but I could do with eating more! Working on that.
Exercise back on track.

Had to rest today as a sore throat I have had has develpoed into a full blown cold, feeling really crappy. Also lost my taste which really annoys me.

Although I forgot to weigh on Monday, I did remember on Tuesday and was suprised to see a loss of 1.3kg. Total for 2 weeks now - 2.9kg

Back soon
Shar x

Monday, December 17, 2007

Have a look.......

at 'MY' beautiful studio!!

So just a quick update as I have to get to bed.
After an exhausting week last week, the club opened and all went well.
Attendance to the club is low but they expected that due to the time of year.
The club is just gorgeous and has a great Head of Department team, reception team and PT's.
I feel totally at home when I walk in, I have a great GF team and cannot wait to take GF to the top.
Now for me!!
So from the above you can tell I was time poor last week, this put and end to trying to squeeze in training, I also wasn't teaching as I had all my classes covered to allow me to set up GF at the new club. This of course with my all or nothing attitude pissed me off.
Then I allowed a few not so good food choices to creep in. I don't think any major damage has been done, I forgot to weigh in this morning (yep your heard right, Miss Scales and the magic Number forgot to get on them!!) will weigh in the morning and log my results.
So this week has seen me back to my normal hours, classes and I have planned my training.
30 mins cardio
Weights Session
Bodyattack Class
4 clean meals eaten - yep I know, not enough!
3 litres of water - yep I know, not enough!
Working on a few mental attitude changes, very powerful suff when you are finally willing to accept that changes are well over due and why.
One is to love who I am, whatever I am, what ever I look like, whatever I am doing.
So here goes - 'I am a strong and beautiful woman' (I'm sure I will one day believe this)
Anyway, bed is a calling.
Hope you are all well, been checking in with all blogs just not had time to comment, Sorry.
Shar x

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Time to shine.........

Like a Platinum Princess!!!!! Thanks for the great new name LIZ! :)

Yeppppeedoodee, my club opens on Thursday and today sees me start a week that
will undoubtedly be one of my busiest yet.

We have a meeting today and hopefully we can all enter the club to get set up from tomorrow morning. Can't wait to show my Instructor team through and launch Group Fitness.

Anyway, update on me and how I'm one word - BETTER.

I am now under some guidance with my food and also working on bits and bobs that are affecting me emotionally and I have found this invaluable.

I didn't have a perfect week, but my first weigh in has shown a loss of 1.6kg so I am very happy with that.
I have to be honest and say I wasn't at first!! I was so pissed at myself this morning, as better weekend could have seen me with better results.
But you know what, I have to stop the looking back, stop the 'look what I did before', 'I had a great figure why did I go ruin it' etc, I have to effectively forget what I achieved before and focus on the NOW, the journey ahead.

So week one down and 1.6kg off. YAY!!!!!!
Although I don't really want to have an 'end' date, I am a person that needs a goal, so I have set my self the target to be at the weight I want by my next quarterly workshop, which also runs in line with my Family coming from the UK.

I am posting my results week by week on the right hand side.

Anyway, must dash, meeting to attend, club to open darling!! :)

Speak soon

Shar - 'Platinum Princess' xx