Saturday, March 24, 2007

16 Weeks Out

Day 1 of 112

So, 16 weeks is here!

The past few weeks have been tough, I have been doing the self doubt thing and wondering if this is what I want to d, if I can actually do this etc etc.

Have had good chats with Hubby, took the time to write whys and why nots down and came to
the conclusion to do it and give it my best shot.

So I have set this blog up in addition to my other one to allow me to track and kep a diary of how I really feel, be totally honest, if it gets deep that's cool, if I don't have alot to say that's cool aswell.

Just somewhere to document my full journey, also somewhere that I can come back to during or after I'm done.

So felt strong today, have started to think of food as my fuel, food for my muscles, food to keep my body functioning. Ok so I might not feel like eating the 8th meal of the day but I know why I should and what the benefits will be to get me to the end of this road in the best possible condition that I can be in right now.

I trained legs today and went really hard, Paul put me through it and mixed it up a bit, I can feel the soreness creeping in already! YAY!

Did 45 minutes of cardio on the treaddie at home.

Feeling a little flat emotionally, a little teary? have no idea why. Missing my mum alot, perhaps that is just making me fel uneasy?

Anyway, all in all a good day.

Shar x