Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 in a row.............

Going well, BLOGGED 4 days in a row, the little daily report thing is working as I suspected.

I actually sat and looked at my diary today and due to Launches, covers etc I have 11 days straight of Bodyattack. This is crazy, those who have done Bodyattack will know the intensity of it, add to that trying to achieve perfect technique and talking to your class, the intensity on the body is very high - I may try and cover a few!!

Day 4/ 138
Weights – Back & Biceps

100% Clean and to plan
4.5 Litres Water
1 litre of herbal white tea

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery
6 ½ hours sleep last night – NOT ENOUGH AGAIN!!!
Sat and had Lunch with Hubby
45 minute nana nap (how cool is napping in the day!!)

Stay well everyone,
Shar x


Combat Girl said...

I love napping in the day, it just gives the body that extra rest so when you wake up go can go 150km again LOL!

11 BA straight OMG!! That is full on, be careful so you don't get yourself sick like someone else I know...


Antigone said...

You go girl :)