Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 27

Hi All

Thanks Tara for he comment, it made me realize I hadn't updated at all since Monday!!

I have had alot going on this week. I am on Annual Leave from my GFC position next week so have to get everything done and dusted so my 2IC just does the bare minimum, they get 5 hours to cover for a week!

Also been teaching more this week, took some covers and have been doing cardio as per the last 3 weeks. Food all clean still I can't believe I have no caved in once, not he slightest bit of 'mind fighting' happening. the old body definately has some shape coming back!.

I think having my little social mini goals definitely is helping, they are all important for me to feel good about myself.
Not necessarily be looking buff and in comp condition, as I realize that is not realistic all year round, but at least be within 'reach' (10-12 weeks prep, not 16 - 20!!) of comp condition and feel good about myself, this is my ultimate goal and I hope to reach that by Jan 08.

Also helping is the fact I wanted to get on top of the mind games and have lost a bit of weight before Monday. On Monday I go in to have Breast Augmentation done.
It is something I have wanted done since my second baby and have been saving up. So now is a good time as I want to compete next October.

I am very excited but nervous at the same time. A big Thank you to a couple of bloggers, you know who you are :) who have been very forthcoming with info to help me through and recover well.
I go in on Monday and will be home on Tuesday. Hopefully I will post mid week.

So trying times ahead with my food and exercise, being a all or nothing person it will be a real test for me to eat well if I'm not exercising. I plan to get out walking along our beautiful coastal path daily once I'm feeling up to it.

I will have plenty of time to as I won't be teaching Group Fitness for 4 weeks
possibly 5!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't explain fully but this is an absolute night mere for me. Its not just about missing the exercise but I just LOVE my classes, my members etc, i hate covering my classes, oh well such is life.

I feel I'm on track for another loss this week so that will be good and I'll report that next week.

Nearly 4 weeks down on this particular journey!! Was it 28 days to break a habit, combat girl? when you sent me that I really didn't think id do 28 days but hey, look what we can do when we really want it. :)

Anyway until next time

Shar x

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For Kie!!

Seeing as Kie can't post her pics / hasn't got any, I have cropped some for her and posted here for you all to view. Not the best shots but done my best with what I have.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 22

Hey Hey
3 weeks done, clean eats for whole period, cardio daily twice a day somedays.

Loss this week - 1.5kg!! Total of 5.1kg fr the 3 weeks.

I am eating regularly, clean food, less carbs than Protien but still more than I would have thought I needed to lose weight, so all good at the moment.
Water has risen a little, still could get more down me, but at least it has risen and stayed consistent.

Motivation is still holding, no fighting myself etc and I have alot of mini events happening at the moment, almost one every two weeks from now, enough to keep me focussd and interested in continuing without blowing out.
Not major things, just things like events etc. For example - My Les Mills QW, always like to look 'presentable', as an instructor should, we have a Group Fitness Meeting coming soon where us GFM's hold an evening of awards, updating policy's etc for ALL our Group Fitness Instructors, I am going to see Justin Timberlake and can't wait for the night out.
You get the idea. I might even pop my mini event list on the side here.

Anyway, bed is calling, early run to do tomorrow morning.

Loving to see the pictures that are coming through from the comps, still a few that need to post!! so looking forward to those too.

Shar x

With each choice you make,
consider what that choice will bring.
You have the power to create your own results.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Days 16 - 20

Everything still going well, food still on plan, no slips or mind games going on.

Exercise is still very cardio!! although I planned to not do as much this week to se if I still get a loss on the scales, so have reduced by 2 sessions.

I went to the INBA WA State comp today!!
It was so good to be there and glad I made the last minute decision to go.
Not only did I manage to see all the Figure classes but I caught up with SAM-I-AM, got to meet Rae, saw my collegue in her first comp along with 3 of Sam's girls.


There were 11 girls in Novice, they didn't split into heights. Was realy good to watch pre-judging. You can pick up alot of useful things - such as how to present, pose, bikini design and colour, also a few things to note that may assist you in becoming better at all the above i.e what not to do.

So all is well still progressing, will report on Monday and post my weekly results on the right hand side.

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.


until next time
Shar x

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 15

Hey hey

Just a quick one to update weekly weight loss etc

Weekly Weight loss = 1.8kg
Total (after two weeks) = 3.6kg

Skinfolds down and tape measurements down by a total of 8.75cm. Not bad in two weeks.

So onward I plod, I have a realistic target weight, bodyfat% and tape measurements in mind, once I achieve these I will re-assess my headspace and decide my next plan of attack.

I have a few options for next year and a few ideas I'm still working through so we shall see.

Anyway must dash lots to do! :)

Shar x

Taken from Mimi's blog -

'Fitness is a lifelong pilgrimage.
And like religious pilgrims, all who seek health must commit themselves to the journey.
Those who do will find lasting results.'
- Ray Kybartas

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

Daa, daa, daa, another one bites the dust........

So, two weeks down of total overload of cardio!! - well I have to hang on to my nickname that Sam gave me - CARDIO SHARDIO.

Also two whole weeks of clean, regular eating!

Although I know I have a long way to go I have to relish in this moment, as since comp I have not been in control AT ALL, not even for a day.
I feel like I have my 'ZING' back and am really focused on continuing this lifestyle.

So days 11 through to 14 saw me knock off another 7 cardio sessions and eat 5 meals per day of clean on plan food.

I will continue to blog but don't feel the need to tell you my meals or fluid intake, perhaps will still post my training I'll just see how I go from here, but one things for sure, THE ONLY WAY IS UP!!!!

I will report what the scales say in the morning, hoping for another loss I have worked my ass of this week.

Anyway onto other stuff.

and there are more to come as the comps continue all the way to the Nationals.

So all those out there that read my blog that are competing or have competed do keep posting, do keep sharing your ride with us.

My ride to next comp will be happening it is just when that I have to decide, lots of thoughts as to what path to take, lots of options and choices to make with regards to training for it.
Oh how exciting!!

Enough gabble for now.

See ya soon

Shar X

Open Your Eyes
to the beauty around you,

Open Your Mind
to the wonders of life,

Open Your Heart
to those who love you,

And Always
be true to yourself

- donna davis

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Living it and Loving it!

Days 8, 9 & 10
Yeppee-doo-dee I made it through my first full week of clean eating and exercising.
I'm now 3 days down on the 2nd week! Can't be bad.

Day 8
60 min steady state run
Meals 1-5 all clean and on plan

Day 9
60 min steady state run
Weights - Back & Shoulders
Meals 1-6 all clean and on plan (have a meal 6 option for when I need it and with all the training listed I needed it!)

Day 10
45 min run (including hills)
Meals 1-5 all clean and on plan.

So as you can see all is well, I intend on blogging still as I do think it helps.

Oh yes! I have added a space on the right hand side to list my weeks results.
This week I had a drop on the scales of 1.8kg.

Feeling so good to be back on top of my eating, it was truly wearing me down having a continual fight. LIVING IT AND LOVING IT!

It's so exciting at the moment reading all the Figure girls blogs with everyone getting so close. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! and as usual lots of photos please as soon as you can!

Until tomorrow
Shar x